Q:  How thick should the layer of emulsion be for best results ?

A:  Best results will be achieved by wiping on a thin layer of emulsion using an open weave cotton cloth – like a piece from an old vest or singlet. Do not wipe off this layer but simply allow it to set.

Q:  Can I put the emulsion on thicker to get a better result ?

A:  No. A thicker layer of emulsion will not improve the result but will take longer to set and may form ridges if not wiped off within about 15 minutes of application. These ridges will be hard to remove. A thin layer wiped on and left to set will provide the best results

Q:  Can I put on multiple layers?

A:  Yes. After the initial application is set, another layer can be applied. It will not only cover areas that may have been missed during the initial application, but will improve the final appearance.

Q: Can I drive my car during the 24 hours that the emulsion is setting?

A: Yes. Vehicle may be driven when a lightly pressed finger does not leave a print on the surface, but avoid exposure to rain, snow, fog, sprinklers or any other forms of moisture.

Q:  What if it rains or snows and I see spots on the emulsion before it sets

A:  Reapply another thin layer to remove the spots and allow to set.

Q:  Can the finished surface be polished ?

A:  Yes it can but is not necessary. Carnauba type polishes have given the best results to date while synthetic polymer polishes have so far not delivered acceptable results.

Q:  Do I have to polish after applying the emulsion?

A:  No. You can simply allow the emulsion to set and reapply if and when a visible oxidation condition reappears. Feedback from customers indicate a second coating of the Emulsion is more effective and easier to apply than using a polish.

Q: Will the emulsion harm my trim and my plastic bumpers?

A:  No. The emulsion is not designed for use inside a vehicle, but all exterior trims and plastics will glisten from an application.

Q: Can the emulsion be applied to headlight lenses ?

A:  Yes. Where headlight lenses are hazy and dull from age and exposure to the elements, wipe on a thin layer of the emulsion using a cotton cloth. The haze will instantly be removed to provide a brighter look and improved illumination.

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Application is an easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) procedure to restore faded and oxidized car paints and rejuvenate peeling clear coat.

How to Restore Oxidized and Faded Car Paint