Cleaning headlight lens and removing cloudy oxidation from a late model Ford Escort using L'Oxide

Restore Dull and Cloudy Headlight Lenses

Historically, car headlight lenses were made of glass which did not deteriorate or change over time. However, today’s car lenses are made of high impact acrylic and┬ápolycarbonate┬ámaterials, commonly referred to as plastics. These plastics deteriorate over time with exposure to sun, rain, wind and snow, as oxidation slowly but surely forms on the outside of the headlight. This oxidation makes the lenses look dull, hazy and cloudy and restricts the amount of light transmitted at night.

A de-oxidising solution like OxideOff will remove this oxidation build-up in a simple wipe on operation that will take less than 5 minutes per car. No hard rubbing, no sand paper rubbing that will actually scratch the plastic surface, and no other abrasive-cleaners like toothpaste are required.

After washing the lights with soap and water and allowing them to dry, simply wipe on a thin layer of the emulsion with an open weave cotton cloth to immediately remove the dull and cloudy appearance and restore clarity and brilliance to the lenses. No buffing, polishing or hard rubbing is required and the total operation will take less than 5 minutes.

It should be noted that yellowed lenses indicate ultra violet damage to the UV protective layer on the lens. This damage is not caused by oxidation, is permanent, and cannot be restored.

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Application is an easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) procedure to restore faded and oxidized car paints and rejuvenate peeling clear coat.

How to Restore Dull, Cloudy and Faded Headlights